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Wool is a sustainable fibre

Wool is breathable because of its natural origin. Wool is green and recyclable: a renewable resource and biodegradable. Wool is sheep friendly: no animals are killed in the harvest of wool. Wool is the the world’s sustainable and accessible premium fibre for use in applications from high-end fashion through to healthy and safe interiors. Consumer, brand and retailer perception of the environmental friendliness of wool is of strategic and commercial importance to all wool-grower nations, especially to those who invest substantially in marketing activities.

It is appropriate to consider the environmental credential ‘defence’ of the global industry as an ‘industry good’ activity. Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) is the critical technical space, substantially underpinning the function of ‘sustainable design tool’s’, and thus affecting how wool fibre is comparatively assessed as an environmental ‘cost centre’. In 2011 the IWTO Environmental Credentials Working Group was established to overview conduct of a strategic technical review of the space, and ultimately, a communication and research strategy. SUL is member of this working group, representing interests of Uruguayan woolgrowers.

We have a real commitment with the care of the environment in the wool production, not only on farm but also in the early stage processing. Find more information about top makers in Uruguay, included in this new version of “Green Wool Facts”.



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